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To make sure we're a good fit, we offer a complimentary  30 min face-to-face consultation.


Feel free to start the conversation.  It's your path—

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Education & Non-Profit Consulting & Services


Getting to the next level



  • Grant Writing

  • Communications Strategy

  • Project Management

  • Capacity Building & Coaching

  • Community Engagement

  • Program Development

  • Academic Counseling

  • College Counseling

  • Family Counseling

Typical rates are 50-150/hr and custom priced for the work.

We offer a complimentary 30 minute face-to-face consultation.


Velma Veloria, CIRCC

Che has played an incredible role in our Coalition of Immigrants, Refugees & Communities of Color.  His passion, drive, networks & wide range of skills are invaluable to any community-based organization looking to grow.

“We've been delighted by our son's progress working with Experience Ease. They really do live what they teach, and we see that in how our son has responded. Teenagers are great at telling the difference between BS and integrity, and our teenager clearly sees Experience Ease as the latter.”

Gabe Newell, Valve

Assaye Abunie, MMRTI

It has been wonderful partnering with Che and Experience Ease.  His ability to leverage community resources, engage diverse youth, and create young media makers is beautiful to see in the younger generation.




Comprehensive academic support, life coaching and college counseling  We also offer private life-skills, yoga & meditation classes.

Community Groups


A wide range of art, academic, and 

culture-based  programs 

& workshops. We also offer public speaking and artistic performances.  


Capacity building, project management & communications strategy.  We also offer grant-writing, program development and coaching services. 


Helping individuals, families & communities

Eritrean Community Friends

Eritrean Community Friends

Arts and civic engagements collaborations and partnerships with the leadership of the Eritrean Community. From left to right: Isaac Araya, Che Sehyun, Haileselassie Kidane and Johannes Sium.

Families of Color Seattle

Families of Color Seattle

Families of Color Seattle Community dialogue on reproductive justice. Collaborating and serving local non-profits and families to connect resources and services to the people that need them.

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council

Kshama Sawant, Seattle City Council

Building relationships and sharing community dialogue with local politicians like Seattle City Councilmember Khama Sawant is a vital part of a legitimate democracy. People are the power, so we need to ensure our representatives understand our communities and their needs. Experience Ease sponsored and helped to orchestrate many of CIRCC's candidates forum.

CIRCC Group Picture

CIRCC Group Picture

Experience Ease and CIRCC (the Coalition of Immigrants, Refugees & Communities of Color) partner to bring much needed resources and critical information to at-risk students.



Experience Ease teaching yoga and meditation summer classes to youth programs at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute.

ACRS Elderly Exercise Group

ACRS Elderly Exercise Group

Experience Ease teaching health and wellness classes to elderly folks at ACRS (Asian Counseling & Referral Services) senior program, Club Bamboo.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching

Helping students and families overcome academic & behavioral challenges as well as disabilities by teaching more fundamental life skills in various applied contexts.




We have worked with youth, families, schools and community groups for the past 15 years, from private academic and life coaching, college and family counseling to developing creative life-skills workshops and art-based programs for Seattle's top private schools, the University of Washington, as well as underserved community groups and non-profits.  For the past 5 years, we have helped community-based organizations creatively build capacity, set and achieve mission-specific goals, expand networks, refine vision, and develop strategic partnerships through our coaching, consulting, programs, events, networks and writing.  We know what we can and cannot do to help individuals and groups achieve their next level of growth and development.  Like nature, we are to evolve, adapt, change with the seasons and—Experience Ease.

What we can do for you


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